2nd Era Knee Dominate 2 – Best Neoprene Double Seem Compression Knee Support Sleeves Brace Wraps – For Elite Athletes: Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, and Weight Lifting – Sold as Pair (Black, Small)

Price: $1,295.09

2nd Era Knee Dominate 1

If you’re looking for comfortable and ideally shaped knee sleeves, you’ve come to the right place.
Our neoprene knee sleeves will push you beyond your mental barriers and achieve your goal.
The material is strong and long lasting- won’t have to replace your sleeves constantly.
Try them on, if you don’t love them, simply return them. We are always here for you and your needs!

Want to pump iron better than anyone?
Knee Dominates are the best.

Want to use knee wraps that make a difference?
Knee Dominates are the best.

Want to look cooler than anyone?
Knee Dominates are the best.

Look at our rave reviews.
Get some Knee Dominates and own the gym!

Select Your Size:
See Picture 2 for better reference:
➤ X-Small: 11in to 12in
➤ Small: 12in to 13in
➤ Medium: 13in to 14in
➤ Large: 14in to 15in
➤ X-Large: 15in to 16in
➤ XX-Large: 16in to 17in
*Disclaimer: Sizes depicted above are recommended sizing. You may or may not have personal preferences depending on the tightness. Sizing above are merely for general guidance.

General Knee Sleeve Size
7mm thick & 12.5in length

Don’t Have Your Size or Desired Color?
Message us for a special order request!

Other Details:
International Powerlifting Federation Pending Approval

Designed by 2nd Era
2nd Era is a subsidiary of 147th LLC
147th LCC., San Diego, CA 92122 USA
TM and Ⓒ 147th LLC. All Rights Reserved.
✓ Benefits: Provides you with compression and support when powerlifting, bodybuilding, or weight lifting.
✓ Design: Designed to help smash your PR. Sweat resistant, breathes-easy, and tight fit.
✓ Recovery: Aids in your knee surgery recovery, meniscus tear, arthritis, and tendonitis.
✓ Function: Primarily for Squatting, Lunging, and other heavy lower body based movements that build muscle and trim fat.
✓ Size: Select your size with the chart (See Picture 2 and Read Product Description)

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