5 Great Apps To Keep You Entertained During Lockdown

Whether your screentime is getting a little out of control or you’re trying your best not to spend too much time on your phone, we’re all still turning to apps to keep ourselves entertained at times during lockdown precautions. With many countries looking at extensive extended stays indoors, the need for great apps to make the hours go by has never been greater. Here are just a few we think are great for keeping yourself occupied as long as this pandemic goes on.

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888 Casino

With sports canceled and casinos across the world closed, gambling fans need to find new ways to enjoy their favorite pastime.

This is just part of why casino apps are becoming so popular, with 888 Casino one of the best available. With this app, you can play a whole host of classic casino games in their traditional form or new variations. Whether you like to play by yourself against the computer or test your skills at games such as poker against real players, you can log on and jump in with ease.

A great casino app lives and dies by the strength of its accessibility and user-friendliness, and 888 Casino makes it easy to deposit your money and withdraw your winnings.

When sports eventually return 888 Casino becomes a great live betting app, but until then 888 Casino is a fantastic way for people who miss the glitz and glamour of the casino to get their fix.

Disney Plus

Streaming was already the preferred way for people to watch the latest movies and TV shows, and under lockdown is only become more popular.

Enjoying quality cinematic entertainment from the comfort of your own home is a way of life for many of us now, with most people having a subscription to Netflix, Amazon or one of their competitors.

For Disney, the arrival of their new streaming platform couldn’t have come at a better time. Launching in the US last year and in the UK just as lockdown measures were being applied, a lot more people are signing up to sample this service.

If you’re becoming tired of the same old tired streaming content, Disney Plus might just be for you. It has all the classic films you remember watching as a kid, world-famous properties such as The Simpsons and new innovative takes on classic series such as the latest series in the Star Wars universe, The Mandalorian.


Maybe you don’t just want to pass the time playing games or marathoning TV series, maybe you want to test yourself and learn a new skill.

Duolingo is that app you’ve had on your phone for ages but never bothered to commit to. Well, there’s no better time than now. This is one of the best language learning apps on the market, with an incredibly user-friendly approach to developing your skills. The app inspires and motivates you to do a little bit of training each day to improve your French, Spanish, German, whatever language you’ve always wished you could speak.

Learning a language might sound more stressful than entertaining, but the fun design and learn in burst methodology of Duolingo makes it an enjoyable process.


Under lockdown, video chat apps are the must-have accessory for any socialite’s phone.

Whether it’s your friends, colleagues or parents (they might take a bit longer to get it), everyone you know wants to video chat all of a sudden. One app that has emerged out of nowhere to fill that big socializing spaced hole in our lives in Houseparty.

Houseparty is a fun and exciting way to quickly chat with your friends, play games, and recreate the feeling of a house party under lockdown.

You can get a few close friends together and lock your room or jump into unlocked rooms at a moment’s notice to surprise other parties. Not quite as professional as Zoom or Google Hangouts, but Houseparty has a certain loose charm that feels more like a social event.

Nike Training Club

After they’ve finished their video chats and tried their hand at baking bread for the first time, the average person in lockdown is trying to get a handle on their fitness. With so many great fitness apps out there, which one do you turn to?

If you want to come out of lockdown beach ready and really push yourself to get there, we recommend the Nike Training Club. This hardcore app may have a cheerful interface, but its sessions will put you through your paces. Best of all, most of the exercises available can be done in a small room, so it’s perfect even if you’re living in shared accommodation.

Maybe not a fitness app for beginners, but for the exercise-junkies missing the buzz of the gym, this is a much better option than going for a daily run.

This is a golden time to re-acquaint yourself with your phone, without wasting hours on social media. Give these apps a try whenever you’re feeling bored, sporty or want to chat with some new people. There’s more to apps than Twitter and Facebook.

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