Amazon Alexa voice control now supported on iOS | Apps & Software

Amazon has announced that it is now updating the Alexa app for iOS to support voice control. The update means you will be able to control any Echo devices in your home, or any Alexa-enabled smart home devices from directly within the Alexa app, using your voice. 

Amazon promised update would be “coming soon” when it made Alexa voice control available on Android devices back in January. 

The Alexa app has been available for iOS since the Echo launched, but up until now you could only use it to adjust various settings on Echo and Alexa-enabled devices and message other Alexa contacts using Amazon’s Calling and Messaging feature. 

Alexa doesn’t take over as the native voice assistant on the iPhone, that role still belongs to Siri, so you can only use your voice within the Alexa app. Not only can you control smart home and Echo devices, but you can use Alexa to answer any general queries and control music playback. 

The Alexa app voice control feature is rolling out now to iOS devices, so make sure to check your iOS App Store for any available updates.

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