Redesigned Apple Maps experience expands to users in 5 countries

is expanding the most advanced and latest version of Apple to more countries. In a press release today, the company announced that the new Apple Maps is now available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland.

With this upgrade, in those five countries can expect faster and more accurate navigation, more detailed graphics and cartography, 3D visualizations for landmarks, and more. The update also brings support for the “Siri Natural Language Guidance” feature, which Apple says “offers directions that sound more natural and easier to follow.”

Other Apple Maps features now available in these countries:

  • Users can receive step-by-step walking instructions in augmented reality by simply holding up their iPhone so that buildings in the area are scanned. Maps then extremely accurately determines the position and gives detailed instructions that can be viewed in the context of the real world.
  • The ‘Look Around' feature in Maps offers high-resolution street-level images, 3D photos, and smooth transitions. Maps users from anywhere in the world can now navigate the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland to their heart's content.
  • Drivers with certain electric cars can also plan their ride in Maps with suitable charging points, taking into account differences in altitude and other factors along the route
  • Public access users in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland can more easily find nearby stations and pin frequently used lines.

Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of services, touted the expansion in a statement:

With Apple Maps, you explore the whole world without compromising your privacy. We're excited to let even more users benefit from this with the new features we're introducing today. Maps has been completely revamped and now offers better navigation, more detail, better information for places, and beautiful features that only Apple can offer, such as ‘Look Around' and ‘Natural Language Guidance.' It's now easier than ever to map out trips to your favorite destinations.

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