Apple Officially Releases iOS 16.0.3, watchOS 9.0.2

You can download iOS 16.0.3 now on your iPhone by headed to Settings > General > Software Update.

Here are the official release notes from :

This update provides bug fixes and important security updates for your iPhone including the following:

– Incoming call and app notifications may be delayed or not delivered on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max
– Low microphone volume can occur during CarPlay phone calls on iPhone 14 models
– Camera may be slow to launch or switch between modes on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max
– Mail crashes on launch after receiving a malformed email

Arriving in September, iOS 16 offered a number of new features for iPhone users.

The highlighting feature is a new customizable lock screen.

Just long press on your current lock screen to begin customizing. You can create a number of different lock screens with an image and then place a number of widgets to view the information that’s important to you.

Notifications have also been moved to the bottom of your iPhone screen. You can select to view the information in a stacked view, expanded list view, or hidden view.

Focus now features a streamlined setup process and can be tied to a specific lock screen.

In Messages, you can now edit a message that’s already been sent or unsend it.

You can edit a message up to 15 minutes after sending it and up to five edits. The recipient can see the edits. The unsend option is available for up to two minutes after sending.

SharePlay is now also available through Messages.

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