Apple Tests App Store Bundle Subscription Discounts

Apple has announced an App pilot program called “contingent pricing” that lets app developers offer discounts to customers with multiple subscriptions.

Developers can offer contingent pricing to customers who already have subscriptions “from one developer or two different developers.” For example, a developer could attract customers to a by offering discounted pricing if they have an active with another developer.

Contingent pricing for subscriptions on the App — a new feature that helps you attract and retain subscribers — lets you give customers a discounted subscription price as long as they're actively subscribed to a different subscription.

As noted, the discounts can be used in App Store advertising and marketing outside of the store, in addition to within the app itself.

Apple says it is starting the pilot with a select group of participants before rolling it out to more developers in the coming months. Developers interested in contingent pricing can sign up to get notified when more details are available in January.

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