Apple May Unveil New AI Powered App Store Soon

's next WWDC developer conference is set to kick off soon and we expect the event to be AI-focused, featuring generative AI features through iOS 18 and more. There may even be a brand new AI-powered version of the App .

Instead of incorporating AI features to improve the App Store, this new version is going to feature various AI apps from different developers, as per analyst Ben Reitzes.

Drawing from its prior triumphs with app marketplaces such as iTunes and the iPhone App Store, Apple's strategy mirrors its historical approach. By enticing various companies to participate in these platforms while concurrently showcasing its products, Apple has consistently demonstrated its prowess in ecosystem development.

According to Reitzes, Apple is poised to unveil its vision for the integration of AI applications at WWDC. This prospective App Store iteration may encompass Apple's upgraded AI assistant, likely an enhanced iteration of Siri, in conjunction with offerings from rival entities.

While the notion of an AI App Store isn't groundbreaking, other analysts have previously conceptualized a comparable model, hinting at the possibility of internal deliberations within Apple regarding this concept at WWDC.

Moreover, there's conjecture surrounding Apple's potential discussions with industry giants like Google and Baidu regarding the inclusion of their AI services within this hypothetical App Store.

Google's Gemini AI is already accessible via conventional apps and seamlessly aligns with the premise of an AI-specific marketplace. As anticipation builds for WWDC, slated for early June, all eyes remain fixed on Apple to discern whether they will indeed introduce this novel approach to AI integration.

Other than an AI App Store, Apple is also expected to unveil iOS 18 at its developer conference, which is expected to be the biggest update to iOS yet thanks to generative AI capabilities.

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