Apple's cheaper LCD iPhone will have iPhone X style super-thin bezel thanks to advanced LED backlight | Apps & Software

Apple is reportedly adopting Japanese manufacturer Nichia’s 0.3t LED chips for its 6.1-inch cheaper LCD iPhone, with the result being similar brightness to previous LCD models but with the same sort of super-thin bezel as the iPhone X.

DigiTimes’ industry sources claim that the switch to the 0.3t LED chips from 0.4t equivalents will reduce the bottom bezel of the phone from 4.0-4.5mm to around 2.0-2.5mm. This allows the handset display to remain cost effective but exhibit some of the benefits of OLED.

The 6.1-inch iPhone is expected to be announced alongside two, premium iPhone X replacements this September, and the report concurs. While it is said that the use of 0.3t LED chips for the overall LED backlight comes with greater technical risk, especially in accuracy and stability, Nichia successfully started production in the first half of 2018.

DigiTimes also claims that Apple has almost single-handedly booked Nichia to manufacturer the chips for its new device for the rest of the year, with increased production to start in September when the handset is due to be announced.

Apple will launch three handsets at that time, one with an LCD display and LED backlight – the 6.1-inch iPhone as reported – plus two new iPhones with OLED display panels – most likely made by Samsung.

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