Apple's next iPhone could come in several new wild colours | Apps & Software

Apple is reportedly planning to introduce new iPhone colours when it launches the next iPhone later this year.

The new colours include grey, white, blue, red, and orange. However, they’ll be limited to a less-expensive model, which will still come with facial recognition and an edge-to-edge screen, according to a note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac). As of right now, the iPhone 8 is available in silver, black, gold, and red colour options, while the high-end iPhone X comes in silver or black colours.

To be clear, Apple is expected to release three new iPhone models this autumn, with the lower-end version coming in a variety of colours. It will reportedly cost around $650 to $750. Ming-Chi Kuo claimed the other two models include: a new iPhone that looks like the iPhone X, but with refreshed components; and a larger version of the iPhone X that could come in another new colour – gold.

Anyway, this lower-cost, colourful iPhone model reminds us of the iPhone 5C from 2013. It was discontinued soon after its release, so it’s interesting that Apple would try to go that route again. Keep in mind Kuo is a respected analyst who often gets things right.

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