Chairman PTA, TikTok Management Meet Without Results

, in an effort to have meaningful engagement with PTA, and in compliance with instructions of the Authority with respect to moderating the unlawful online content in accordance with laws of Pakistan, held a detailed virtual meeting with PTA.

During the meeting, TikTok senior representative highlighted the efforts that have been taken besides sharing future strategy to improve content moderation in line with local laws.

It maybe recalled that PTA banned TikTok, after several warnings, for not moderating indecent and immoral content.

PTA, in its statement after banning TikTok, had said that it will welcome the platform to engage in any form of discussion to make sure that content shown on video sharing app is in compliance with local laws.

Exactly on how PTA had urged, and after ignoring PTA's warnings, TikTok has now sat with PTA to resolve the ban.

Chairman PTA, in today meeting with TikTok high UPS, acknowledged the efforts of TikTok but asked for tangible timelines for the proposed actions.

Both sides said that they will continue their engagement to arrive at a mutually acceptable mechanism to continue to provide safe internet experience to the users in Pakistan.

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