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Data rollover is a big deal these days, enabling you to save data you didn’t use one month for use at a later date, and EE has now added the option to its 30-day pay as you go Data and Everything Packs.

That means you don’t have to lose data you’ve paid for upfront on a contract-free plan, with unused megabytes switching to the next Pack you purchase.

All 30-day packs are now covered, so you can pay for a £10 Data Pack, for example, which gives you 2GB of data, unlimited texts and 100 minutes of talktime. Then, if you haven’t used 500MB of that 2GB of data, say, it rolls over to the next month’s Pack.

EEEe Adds Data Rollover To Its Payg Data And Everything Packs image 2

You do need to have ordered the next Pack within seven days of the last one expiring to take advantage, but you can change the Pack entirely.

If you opted for a £5 Everything Pack the next time, therefore, you will end up with 2.5GB of data to use.

You do not need auto renewal switched on to take advantage, just order the next Pack within the week as mentioned.

New and existing customers on eligible packs will automatically receive the benefit without having to opt in.

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