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Lego has announced Voltron as the latest set from its Lego Ideas lab, which lets Lego fans submit ideas for sets they want to see. It’s based on the lead character from the 1984 animated TV series and with 2,321 pieces, is the biggest Lego Ideas set ever. It also looks insanely cool.

The Voltron set includes the red, blue, yellow, green and black lions that combine to form Voltron: Defender of the Universe. Once you do combine the five lions together, Voltron stands at an impressive 15-inches tall. Voltron’s upper-body limbs are posable and the set includes an 11-inch sword and a shield to make him battle-ready. 

LegoLego Voltron image 2

The set comes bundled with information about len_d69, the user who first submitted the idea two years ago. It then gained support from over 10,000 other members in just three weeks, before being approved by the Lego review board. Lego also supplies information about the designers who brought Voltron to life in Lego form. 

The Lego Ideas Voltron set will be available from 23 July in Lego stores and online for £160. Other Lego sets to come from the Lego Ideas labs include the Women of NASA and Tron: Legacy.

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