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is set to announce its Pixel 3 smartphones on 9 October, and now, it's confirmed those phones will be available for preorder that day.

As noted by 9to5Google, the company has sent an email to customers, effectively teasing “something big” is coming and revealing that Pixel 3 preorders are opening up the same day as the phone's launch event. “We'll have a lot more to talk about on October 9. To get the full scoop, catch the big reveal via livestream. Preorders immediately after the event,” confirmed Google, in the email.

We're not sure if the company is talking about Pixel 3, but we're assuming so, since the email blast refers to “3” and seems to be about the upcoming phones. Google also teased colours – with the “3” GIF rotating between white, black, and a “mint” color. A leaked promotional page from Google has teased that same colour before. And, this week, Google launched a similar “aqua” Home Mini.

We're also not sure if the email applies to all the hardware expected to be announced at the “Made By Google” event in New York City. But, for more about that event, including what might happen and how to watch, go here. Alternatively, if you ask Google Assistant for information (say “What's this announcement about”), it will say it's “rehearsing” lines, or it'll ask you to watch YouTube livestream.  

For more funny Google Assistant commands, see Pocket-lint's full round-up here. Try a few of them, and we promise you'll be in stitches.

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