Google Maps new feature shows fastest EV Charging Points nearby

The world's most popular app, Google Maps, will now show you the fastest EV charging stations in your local area. The move comes on the back of Google adding fuel-efficient route planning to the navigation tool in early 2022.

With the largest share of the navigation app market and with more people than ever switching to EVs, the timely addition makes perfect sense.

Google Maps Upgrade Reveals the Fastest EV Charging Stations

According to a post on The Keyword, the fastest EV charging locations will appear now appear on Google Maps when you search for “EV charging stations” and select the “fast charge” filter.

With the fast charge filter enabled, a list of fast charging-enabled EV stations will appear beneath the map. Each listed station details the type of fast charging outlets available, their speeds, and, most importantly, the number of available charging stations.

The new Google Maps fast charge filter will only show EV chargers faster than 50kW, so you can plan your battery top-ups accordingly—making it one of the must-have apps for EV owners.

Google Maps Makes Finding Fast EV Chargers Simple

The number of EVs on our roads continues to increase. With governments worldwide moving to ban sales of new internal combustion engine vehicles, the number of electric vehicle charging points will also have to increase accordingly.

Currently, in busy locations, EV owners can face a short wait before accessing a charging point. Unfortunately, as EV ownership rises, those wait times will only get longer.

Thankfully, most EV charging stations now support fast charging, which does bring wait times down. Furthermore, some EV charging networks also charge EV owners for occupying a charging spot once their vehicle reaches capacity, incentivizing owners to pay attention and drive their EVs away as soon as possible.

Google Maps' Fast Charge Filter Is Now Live

For now, Google Maps fast charging filter makes it much easier to find a fast EV charger when you need one. Moreover, the new is already live, so you can use it immediately.

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