Google Meet Updates Introduces Emoji Reactions

Google has finally launched the reaction in Google which they announced last year. Users can now silently interact using the reaction emojis within the conference call. There’s also the new background setting where users can add a 360-degrees background.

Google Meet Emojis

In Google Meet, the will appear on the left side of the screen, which will also show a burst of if several people use the same one. Specific emojis clicked by individual users will appear on the upper left corner of their tile, so you’ll know who sent what.

Although, the number if emojis available for the feature are still limited. There’s the heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, wave, joy, astonished, party popper, thinking, and crying emoji, as mentioned in The Verge.

If you want to click on a reaction, you can select the smile icon in the control bar, which will get the platform to display the reaction bar. When you hover on the bar, you can even select a skin tone depending on your preference. It will be applied to all emojis compatible with color change.

This is Google’s way of providing to a non-disruptive way to engage and participate in meetings so it would not interrupt whoever is speaking. It’s also a good way to respond for those who choose not to speak on the video call.

It can also be an effective way to get a quick response from the participants in the call so several audios will not overlap with each other when they respond. Should participants want to make their feelings about a topic known, they can use the emojis to express them.

The reactions will be turned on by default, but the meeting host can turn it off though the Admin Control Settings. Participants will still be able to see the emojis, but it will be indicated that the reaction aren’t available for use.

Google Meet is Rolling Out Other Features

Like other video conference platforms, Google Meet offers its users the option to change their backgrounds. However, they are stepping up their game by adding a 360-degree background soon, which uses the device’s gyroscope.

Once the feature is launched, users can choose between an oasis, a sky city, and a mountain temple. It will only be available for iOS and Android devices since it has requirements that other devices can’t provide. According to 9To5Mac, it may be coming in the next few weeks.

Google Meet is also set to launch a new feature for certain Workspace editions, wherein users can use Translated Caption which will translate spoken English. The languages it can be interpreted to are French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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