Google New App ‘Look to Speak’ Used With Just Your Eyes

Search engine giant Google is always experimenting with new and innovative software features and the company’s latest project is no different. Google’s latest experiment is called Look to Speak and as the name says, the app can be used with just your eyes.

Look to Speak has the potential to be a life-changing app for people with motor and speech impairments. The app allows you to choose between a list of phrases using just your eyes and a Smartphone with a front camera. Once the device is in place, users can either look left or right to choose between a variety of pre-written phrases or look up to cancel it.

You can also adjust the sensitivity of eye movements to avoid accidentally selecting phrases or sending messages. As mentioned earlier, you can also look up to snooze the device and prevent it from reading your eye movements.

Google says that this app is not meant to replace full communication devices used by those with motor and speech impairments. Instead, it will only serve as a way to quickly send messages through smaller devices such as Smartphones when it is practical to do so.

The company says that all Look to Speak data will remain private and will be stored locally on the device.

The app is available for download on any phone running Android 9 or above. Check out the video below to see the app in action.

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