Google Phone App Soon Start Recording All Calls Automatically

has been working to add call recording to its phone app for a while and some regions already have it. According to a new report, the phone app will be able to record all calls soon, even from unsaved numbers.

Folks over at have decompiled the latest version of the Google phone app and have uncovered some features that might be coming to a future version of the app. Currently, the app only records calls when the feature is turned on manually, but the report says that a future version will be able to do it automatically in certain situations.

However, Google does point out that all participants of the call will get an alert that the call is being recorded, even if their number is not saved on your phone. Here is what the disclaimer says:

You or the other person in your call might be somewhere that requires everyone to consent to being recorded. Everyone will be notified ahead of time that the call is being recorded. It’s up to you to follow laws about recording conversations. Recordings are stored only on your phone.

It is unclear if Google plans to release this feature to the public, but it sounds like a good feature to help tackle scammer and telemarketers.

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