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An image of an Android Auto pixelation issue. Google Support Forums

  • An pixelation problem has been going on for almost a year now.
  • Google is finally pushing a fix for the issue, which users should see over the next few weeks.
  • The problem caused pixelation distortion when using specific Android Auto features.

In September of last year, a user by the name of Wilf Moralee posted an issue in the official Android Auto User Community forums. In the post, he described Android Auto pixelation issues, even posting the image above as proof of the problem.

Now, almost a year later, Google is finally pushing a fix for the issue in the form of a Google Play Services update. The rollout for the update is staggered, so it may be a few weeks before everyone sees the patch.

Google first acknowledged the problem in January and then promised a fix in April. However, it's now the end of July and the fix is finally beginning to roll out, according to Don on the Android Auto team:

An image of a Google support forum representative addressing the Android Auto pixelation issue.

The Android Auto rep concedes that the patch might not even fix the issue entirely, and encourages users who still face problems to start new support threads.

Android Auto is the car-centric version of Android that appears in certain in-dash units. Big changes were announced this year for the platform in the form of wireless connectivity with your smartphone, Google Assistant built-in, and group messaging. You can see the new features on the way as well as a video at our roundup here.

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