Honor 10 AI Image Stabilisation update will bring camera boost from 3 August | Apps news

Honor has announced two updates coming to the Honor 10 from 3 August. The first is GPU Turbo which boosts the graphical prowess of the device, making it more efficient, reducing battery drain and adding HDR (high dynamic range).

GPU Turbo essentially makes your Honor 10 a better gaming phone.

The second update will be the addition of AIS – AI Image Stabilisation – which we’ll explain now in a little more detail.

AIS will boost the camera performance of Honor’s flagship device, making it more potent as it elbows-around the mid-range phone segment making quite a name for itself.

The AIS feature will use AI to boost image stabilisation. If that sounds familiar, that’s because the Huawei P20 offers a similar function and it works very well.

Honor tells us that the AIS feature will quickly (in 0.2 of a second) detect if a photo is being take handheld and then adapt the settings to ensure that the resultant image is shake-free so you get the shot you want.

One of the aims is to ensure better low-light performance and if the update works anything like it does on the Huawei P20 then Honor 10 owners are in for a treat. It will allow low-light shots up to 6 seconds long, using AI to detect and correct the final image, removing handshake so you don’t need a tripod.

It also uses AI to re-balance the shot and make sure that the exposure is right, so you don’t get blown-out highlights for example. As soon as we have the update, we’ll of course be checking it out. In the meantime, head over to our review to see what we thought of the Honor 10.

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