If this is the PS5 where do we sign up? PlayStation 5 concept design is stunning | Apps & Software

Every time a major tech product is rumoured, a flood of concept drawings and 3D models appear based on fan-requested features, leaked specifications or both.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s the new iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note or other mobile doo-hickey, there will be plenty of homegrown designs released online to accompany them.

Games consoles are no strangers to the practice, with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo machines often imagined by online artists long before they officially make an appearance. But when they look as good as French designer Joseph Dumary’s take on the PlayStation 5, who’s to argue?

His PS5 is a beauty and realistic considering it is clearly based on the existing PS4 and PS4 Pro models.

Plus, not only does he range some amazing images on as part of his online portfolio, his accompanying video explains several of the key features the PlayStation 5 could adopt.

Dumary imagines that there could be a touch panel on the front rather than an on/off button, which you swipe to power down the console.

Its HDMI output is actually wireless, so you don’t need a lead to connect it to a display or TV. He also suggests that it could come with no disc drive – the first for a home PlayStation console. All games will run off the hard drive.

The new DualShock will not only have a touchpanel, it will be a small screen – possibly OLED – with alerts, notifications and messages. It will also have a fingerprint sensor to lock it to the user. And wireless charging will be on board.

Some of the features are less believable, however. “8K-ready”? Not likely. Indeed, it’s not likely we’ll even get 8K TVs or video for some time yet.

Still, it certainly looks the part.

You can read more about the PlayStation 5 in our handy round-up of PS5 rumours and more here.

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