iOS 16 brings new Memoji customization with 17 new hairstyles

With , Apple is bringing even more Memoji . Last year, the company betted on over 40 new outfits and accessibility options. This time, Apple is making Memoji more trendy with new hairstyles, sticker poses, and more. With now available, check out what you can do with Memoji on this operating system.

Memoji has been a success ever since Apple introduced it at the iPhone X keynote. Using the TrueDepth sensor to react with your face, Memoji received a lot of hype over the years.

For example, lots of users – and Apple itself – created fun karaokes with this feature. And since the company introduced Memoji Sticker, making it available to all iPhone users, this function has become even more popular.

Every year, Apple introduces a bit more : tongue support, new accessibility features, glasses, and more. Now, with iOS 16, there's a lot you can change with your Memoji avatar.
ios-16-memoji-customization-9to5macHere's everything new with it:

  • More sticker poses: Memoji stickers on iOS 16 include six new poses;
  • Hairstyles: Choose from 17 new and updated hairstyles, including new curly styles, updates to high curl styles, box braids, and boxer braids;
  • Noses: Choose from more nose options when you customize your Memoji;
  • More headwear: Style your Memoji with a bonnet;
  • More neutral lip colors: Customize your Memoji on iOS 16 with more options for neutral lip color.

In addition to that, all Memoji stickers can be used as contact pictures, and there are three new contact sticker poses to choose from.

Are you excited to customize even more your Memoji avatar on iOS 16? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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