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Google’s video chat app, Duo, has finally arrived for tablets – both and iOS tablets.

Previously only available for phones, the app has essentially updated so that it is able to work on both iPads and Android tablets, enabling people to chat at home on a larger screen. Duo is free to use and offers video and voice call functionality. It relies on your number, you reach people in your phone’s contacts list, offers end-to-end encryption, and has nifty features like Knock Knock.

With Knock Knock, you can see a live video of your caller before you answer. The app is easy to use, too, because its interface is ridiculously simple. To learn more about how Duo works, including how to get started and whether its safe to use, see Pocket-lint’s guide here. It’s been two years since the launch of Duo. It now comes preinstalled and integrated into the dialer app on many phones.

Admittedly, it’s not as frictionless as FaceTime. But, with this update, it’s getting one step closer to becoming a go-to video chat client.


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