It looks like Huawei might launch its TalkBand B5 hybrid tracker soon | Apps & Software

Huawei has a smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrid line, the Huawei TalkBand, and it looks like the company is planning to update to it.

A picture of Huawei’s upcoming TalkBand B5 has surfaced via respected leaker Evan Blass on Twitter. He doesn’t say much about the upcoming device, though he did share a single image. Keep in mind the previous model, the TalkBand B3, released in 2016, and the two watches appear to be very similar at first glance. The last version even features a pop-out Bluetooth headset, which is different, to say the least.

Keep in mind that, oddly, a similar type of wearable also popped up in the form of a patent. Huawei is reportedly working on a new smartwatch that could store a pair of wireless in-ear headphones in the wristband – kind of like the TalkBand line. The patent shows a few suggested solutions as to where a pair of Bluetooth headphones could be stored. There is one idea that they could be housed in the top of the wristband.

Of course, it’s worth considering that patented technology doesn’t necessarily always make it to market. The TalkBand B5, on the other hand, seems like it’s much more closer to becoming a real product, considering a press render of it is now online.

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