Let Siri control your windows and blinds through Velux Active with Netatmo | Apps & Software

Netatmo and roof window specialist Velux have joined forces for a new smart windows system that’s compatible with Apple HomeKit.

Velux Active with Netatmo is a plug-and-play smart home system that can automatically control roof windows, blinds and shutters. It comprises an indoor climate sensor, depature switch and an internet gateway hub that work with a dedicated smartphone app.

Apple device owners can use the HomeKit support to control the system when at home or away, using their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod or Apple TV. And it also supports Siri voice control, so you can let more light into a room with a simple command.

The system can also be fully automated, through monitoring of temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration. You can therefore have windows open and close by themselves in order to let in more air, or blinds close if the temperature is too high.

Algorithms have developed especially for this system and also take into account weather forecasts, gleaned from online sources, plus other external factors.

The Velux Active with Netatmo starter pack is available for €249, while am additional indoor climate sensor can be added to the set-up for €99.

You can buy the system from either Velux (www.velux.com/active) or Netatmo (www.netatmo.com).

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