Microsoft Whiteboard app is out and lets you collaborate with others | Apps news

Microsoft has officially launched its Whiteboard app.

The app, which lets you collaborate on a digital canvas through Windows 10 devices, has left preview and is available for download. Like a physical whiteboard, Whiteboard lets you draw and erase as well as attach sticky notes. You can also type, as well as add and edit images on as much space as you would ever need for working. The point of the app is that it will help you illustrate your ideas together with others.

It’s an “collaborative inking” app that can do “geometry recognition, table conversion, and automatic table shading”, as well as exclusive capabilities for Office 365 subscribers. It works with touch, a pen, or a keyboard. And you can collaborate on a board from your own devices and from different locations, as whatever you’re doing on the board and all your work is automatically saved to the Microsoft cloud.

Microsoft released a preview of Whiteboard late last year. Now, you can download the Whiteboard app from the Microsoft Store and log in with either a Microsoft or an Office 365 account. It will be available for iOS devices soon. Other devices will get the Whiteboard web client preview soon.

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