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We’ve seen plenty of incredible images captured on film and with digital cameras in recent years. Whether brilliant photographs from space, amazing images from a new perspective or astounding aerial photographs snapped with drones, there are plenty of incredible images out there to enjoy. 

There are artists out there though, who with a steady hand, plenty of patience and incredible talent have managed to create artwork so astounding and breath-taking you’ll struggle to believe they aren’t real images.  

Dispell your disbelief and join us on this journey of discovery. With paintings, drawings and sculptures that are so good, you won’t believe your eyes. 

Ron KleemannMind-blowing works of hyper-realistic art you wont believe arent photos image 2

This image is one of many works by Ron Kleemann, an American photorealist painter. This artist has been making art like this since the 1960s. His oil and acrylic masterpieces are so good they’ll make you look twice. This image of a Red Bull pit stop team is unbelievably good. 

Nicola WoodMind-blowing works of hyper-realistic art you wont believe arent photos image 4

Nicola Wood is another hyper-realistic painter who creates incredible works of art with cars as the main focus. It takes a couple of glances to see that this image is a carefully painted work of art rather than a snap of a car by the poolside. 

Philipp WeberMind-blowing works of hyper-realistic art you wont believe arent photos image 1

This highly detailed portrait by Philipp Weber is actually an incredible oil painting on canvas and part of a series capturing the beauty of the subject Antonia for all to see. We were blown away by the way the artist has worked everything into this image from the droplets of water to the stray strands of hair. 

1/3Jamie Salmon

From paintings to sculptures. We’re blown away by the sheer talent of all the artists on this list, but one of the most astounding is possibly these sculptures of Pablo Picasso.

Jamie Salmon sunk painstaking hours into the detailing of this sculpture. A brilliant likeness of the famous Spanish artist who also enjoyed sculpting as well. 

John HartleyMind-blowing works of hyper-realistic art you wont believe arent photos image 5

A familiar sight from many childhoods, these toy soldiers have been painstakingly recreated on canvas right down to the tiniest detail, even including the imperfections. This work by John Hartley is part of a collection of images brilliantly crafted by the artist.   

Roberto BernardiMind-blowing works of hyper-realistic art you wont believe arent photos image 6

They say the first bite is with the eye and we all enjoy a sweet treat from a vending machine, but this image really plays tricks on you too. Roberto Bernardi has worked the oil onto the canvas so well here it even includes the reflection of a photographer in the glass of the machine. 

Gregory ThielkerMind-blowing works of hyper-realistic art you wont believe arent photos image 7

Most of us would see this sight and feel the misery of being stuck in traffic while driving in the rain, but artist Gregory Thielker sees inspiration in the raindrops on his windscreen. This oil painting is one of a series of images from a drivers perspective with views spoiled or obscured by ice, water and brake lights. 

Still life and portraits feature heavily in these hyper-realistic works of art. The level of detail in these paintings shows a dedication and level of patience that most of us could only dream of. This painting by Gioacchino Passini captures a flower covered in water droplets teasing the light in just the right way. 

Raphaella SpenceMind-blowing works of hyper-realistic art you wont believe arent photos image 9

At first glance, you might dismiss this image as a rather dull photo of New York City. The classic tourist snap of the Empire State building and surrounding skyline. When you learn though, that this image was actually created by hand, it becomes entirely more impressive. 

Malcolm ShorttMind-blowing works of hyper-realistic art you wont believe arent photos image 10

Of course, many of the paintings and artworks in this list are inspired by photographs, still life subjects or other sources. On the left is the original photo of a gorilla almost posing for the photographer. On the right, is a work in graphite pencils by Malcolm Shortt which has captured all the detail of the original and more besides. If you look closely you’ll see a sad tear rolling down the gorilla’s face that wasn’t there before. 

1/3Pedro Campos

Thirsty? These convincing images by Pedro Campos include still life oil paintings of everyday objects with remarkable reflections that really confuse the eye. It’s hard to believe these images weren’t captured with a camera but instead with a paintbrush and an incredible eye for detail. 

1/4Jason de Graaf

Reflections of surroundings, believable light sources and brilliant colours make these hyper-realistic paintings all the more amazing. You’ll even see floating marbles and depth of field effects carefully woven into the imagery. This collection by Jason de Graaf is surely astounding. 

1/3Steve Mills

Steve Mills is another photo-realistic oil painter with a keen eye for still life. His images include carefully folded newspapers that not only highlight the words on the paper but the folds and creases too. The images of a weather-battered door and tall sunflowers reaching up to the sky are just as remarkable. 

1/3Paul Lung

It’s truly amazing what some artists can do with a pencil, patience and perspective. Paul Lung is a whizz at putting pencil to paper and creating masterful strokes that result in astounding images. He’s drawn life-like images of cats and people that will really make you doubt your eyes. Right down to the finest strokes of fur and stubble on his subject’s face. 

1/3Samuel Silva

Each of the artists on this list has their own personal style and technique. Some use quite different tools to create their own astounding work of art too. These images by Samuel Silva were created using a ballpoint pen of all things and yet are convincing enough to capture every minute detail of the subject. The artist notes just how much time goes into this work, with over 100 hours put into the image of the father cradling his baby in his hands. 

1/3Franco Clun

Franco Clun is certainly multi-talented – an artist capable of creating hyper-realistic hand-drawn portraits of celebrities as easily as he can masterfully pen an angry shark. 

1/3Kit King and Corey Oda Popp

The works of Kit King and Corey Oda Popp are a real eye-opener. The attention to detail here is astounding and we could barely believe our eyes when looking through these works of art. From bloodshot eyes to the beads of sweat on a warm brow. All are hand-painted with an amazing attention to detail. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of incredible artworks, let us know if you’d like to see any others included. 

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