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It seems Motorola is planning to launch a whole new family of devices that run on the Android One OS. We’ve previously seen leaks and hands-on images of a One Power device, but now the Motorola One has leaked out too. 

Android Headlines has obtained some leaked renders of the One, although it doesn’t have any specs to say how the One and One Power will be differentiated. At first glance, the two phones look near-on identical, but there are a couple of minor differences. In the image above, the One is on the left and One Power on the right.

Firstly, while both phones have a dual-lens camera system, the Motorola One separates the lenses whereas the One Power’s lenses are joined by a single piece of raised glass. The renders of both phones also show the One has either a glass or glossy finish on the rear, while the One Power has a  matte finish instead. Both devices should be available in black and white colours. 

The One Power may have a slightly larger display than the One too. The former is rumoured to have a 6.2-inch display, and a close look at the chin of both devices shows it is slightly thinner on the One Power. The name alone suggests the One Power will have upgraded specs over the One, although without any concrete information to go on, that’s jut speculation for now. 

We may learn more about the new One family at Motorola’s 2 August event, which is to be held at its headquarters in Chicago. 

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