Netflix of retro games Antstream coming to Android and PC soon | Apps & Software

New cloud gaming service, Antstream, will launch soon in the UK for Android and Windows 10 PCs and tablets and when it does it will offer something different to rival platforms.

While there are several other cloud gaming services already available, including PlayStation Now and Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Antstream is more the “Netflix for retro games”, launching with more than 100 blasts from the past to play as part of a monthly subscription fee.

Licensed games from the likes of Midway, Williams, Atari, Epyx and Data East will be available to play across multiple old school arcade, computer and console formats from yesteryear.

You basically pay one monthly fee and can then play any of the games on the service as often as you like. Video of the game is streamed over the internet, either through home or mobile broadband, and control codes are sent in the other direction with as little latency as possible. You do not need to install any games other than the Antstream hosting app.

The Google Play application is yet to appear online, although you can head here to see the links to both it and the Windows 10 version of the software. You can also register your interest there for information on additional supported formats in future.

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