Numskull mini Pac-Man arcade cabinet actually plays full game | Apps News

Designs is well known for its videogames merchandise, including T-shirts, Christmas jumpers and candles that smell of the apocalypse, but it will soon also make machines.

Its new Quarter Arcades replica cabinets are 1/4 sized recreations of classic machines from yesteryear and as well as looking really cool on a desk, will actually play the on its 5-inch colour TFT 4:3 screen.

First in the series, Pac-Man, is available for pre-order now with shipping due in December. It looks exactly like the 1980s full-sized version, with every detail shrunk proportionately. The buttons and joystick are fully working, and the game installed on the machine is exactly the same as the full Pac-Man from the era.

A 3-watt built-in speaker handles sound, with volume control.

It is officially licensed by Bandai Namco to ensure it is fully accurate.

There will be just 10,000 units made of the collector’s edition , so you should get your pre-order in quickly. It costs £149.99.

Other machines are planned for the series – to be introduced in 2019. Galaga, Galaxian and Ms. Pac-Man have already been teased.

Collect them all and you could build your own coin-op emporium for hamsters.

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