Reddit Improves Content Sharing to iMessage With Rich Link

Reddit official iOS app has received an update that gives users the ability to more easily share content on the social discussion website with the help of rich link .

Previously, a link to a Reddit post via a messaging service such as Apple's Messages app only displayed the URL address in the conversation thread, offering the recipient little idea of its contents.

By contrast, rich link previews display a visual preview of the post being linked to, including the subreddit name, total upvotes, and comments, providing the recipient with a clearer gist of the content they can expect to see if they decide to tap the link and visit the post.

In another update addition, it's now easier for people to share content in the Reddit app to Instagram, thanks to a new Instagram Stories button in the sharing options. The new button automatically generates a similar preview of the post that appears on Instagram.

Outlining the new sharing features in a blog post, Reddit also mentions a new “one-tap screenshot-sharing experience that allows users to share content without saving images to their device – meaning they can link back to the content rather than only sending a screenshot.”

The new share options are accessible via a new custom share sheet which appears when Reddit app users tap the share icon under a post. The redditor's most used sharing channels are displayed at the top of the sheet to make the sharing process more convenient without having to leave the app.

Alongside the update, Reddit says it is also making sharing simpler for publishers by introducing a new toolbox that makes it easier to display Reddit content on their own platforms. Publishers can learn more by referring to Reddit's documentation.

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