Samsung Galaxy Watch will be at Unpacked 9 August, run Tizen OS after all | Apps news

There have been plenty of will it, won’t it stories floating around about Samsung’s next smartwatch and a new report nigh-on contradicts every current train of thought.

It effectively confirms the name as Samsung Galaxy Watch rather than Gear S4, as we thought, but other key details are looking less sure.

Previous speculation firmly placed the Galaxy Watch as an IFA 2018 launch device, but it is now claimed – by numerous sources – that it will be announced alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at the company’s Unpacked event in New York on 9 August.

In addition, it is now said that the new watch will run a new version of Samsung’s own Tizen OS after all. There were many who swore blind that Samsung would switch to Wear OS this time around.

Considering one rumour originally suggested that it would run on software based on Android Wear, we might have seen this coming. The feature set could be based on Wear OS, but using Tizen instead.

It did seem a little strange that Samsung would ditch its own software, that it has invested countless hours and funds developing. And by keeping it in-house would enable the firm to integrate Bixby voice control more effectively.

One thing that is more certain in the size of the watch and display. A listing on the Federal Communications Commission website, where the Galaxy Watch has been certified for use in the States, lists the Galaxy Watch as having a length and width of 51.2mm x 43.4mm. Its circular screen has a diagonal measurement of 30.2mm. That means it is a 1.19-inch display – around the same size as the Gear Sport.

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