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Samsung is reportedly planning to release an Android Go budget smartphone in the coming months, with US and UK testing said to be underway along with other markets across the globe.

Now some specifications have been leaked and they confirm that the handset will definitely be in the entry-level camp.

Techie Drive has posted a shot of what it claims to be a spec sheet found online. It lists some details for the Samsung J260F, a serial number that matched some handset variants previously seen on test bench results.

Techie DriveSamsungs First Android Go Phone Specs Revealed image 2

If accurate, the Samsung Android Go phone will come with a 5-inch Super AMOLED display (not sure yet of the resolution), 1.4GHz quad-core Samsung-made Exynos 7570 processor and 1GB of RAM.

The phone will have 16GB of on-board storage and come with Android 8.1 Oreo with the Android Go assurance that there will be no Samsung bloatware on top.

The rear camera is claimed to be 8-megapixels, while the front is said to be 5-megapixels.

A 2,600mAh battery should provide plenty of charge life in the other specs are correct.

The other variants of the phone spotted online – SM-J260G and SM-J260M – are thought to have the exact same specs but aimed for different regions.

We’ll let you know if and when we find out more.

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