Signal introduces Invisible Feature To Hide App Icon

Signal is one of the choicest apps because of the cross-disciplinary functionality. Now introduces new invisible to hide its app icon and name, providing enhanced privacy and security for sensitive communications.

The impending feature didn't put any barrier to installing changes, including decoupling SMS functionality or adding visual updates like Stories. Now, it has come with some extravagant trips as it stashes the app icon and name on the users' screen.

You can find out the features by following the instructions, and the ability is now applied behind Settings > Appearance > App Icons, provided you're on Signal for Android version 6.21.3. I Hope Android users have already been charged with changing the app icons, as they aren't tired of captivating the launchers. Disregarding a few Launcher's nature, Signal could let some unsung encroachers with the new feature.

However, there are only a few alternate icon options in the form of News, Notes, Weather, and Waves, but Signal might bring a newfound collection of icons down the stream. The description of the app icon depicts that swapping the app icon won't interrupt the notification pop-up on your phone until you ultimately set things up. To utterly cast the app away from the device, you must turn off the notification.

The feature is unrolling all Signal users on the Google Play Store. You can download Signal 6.21.3 APK from the developer's page or the ever-reliable APK mirror. It senses clearly that Signal is focusing on the security perspective by swapping the app icon and name to get away from the trinket eyes. The new feature can ensure valuable safeguards for users who resist sensitive communication apps on shared phones or tablets.

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