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Earlier in September this year, Microsoft announced that calling support was soon coming to Alexa . Now, Microsoft has finally introduced that support, and users of compatible Alexa devices like the Amazon Echo range can now ask the voice assistant to make calls via Skype through a simple voice command. Apart from making Skype audio and video calls, the company has also introduced the ability for Alexa to call most landlines and mobile numbers internationally using Skype to Phone. As part of the introductory offer, Skype is offering 200 free minutes of Skype to Phone calling to 34 countries.

Once you set up Skype on a compatible Alexa device, users can just throw voice commands like ‘Alexa, call mom on Skype', or ‘Alexa, pick up' to make or receive calls via Skype. Video calls will obviously work only with Echo Show and Echo Spot devices as only they come with a display screen. In order to set up Skype on your Alexa device, just go to Settings > Communication > Skype on your Amazon Alexa app to link your device. Sign in using your Skype credentials, and Alexa will now have access to all your contacts on Skype for calling purposes.

Microsoft notes that Skype calling on Alexa is currently only available in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, India, Australia, and New Zealand. Support for other regions will roll out soon. The company has also announced that the Amazon Echo first gen, Amazon Echo second gen, Amazon Echo Plus second gen, Amazon Echo Dot second gen, Amazon Echo Dot third gen, Amazon Echo Show first gen, Amazon Echo Show second gen, and Amazon Echo Spot devices are only compatible with Skype calling for now.

With respect to Skype to Phone, users can say a number and ask Alexa to make a call to those digits. For example, users can say, ‘Alexa, call 206-555-0155 on Skype'. As mentioned, Skype is offering 200 minutes free, and this offer comes with a cap of two months with a limit of up to 100 minutes per month. Skype calling to mobiles and landlines is eligible in in 34 countries only, and this includes USA, Canada, China, India (international calling only), UK, Poland, Indonesia, Germany, Russian Federation, Thailand, Italy, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, France, Japan, Colombia, Bangladesh, Portugal, Nigeria, Argentina, Spain, Slovakia (Slovak Republic), New Zealand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Switzerland, South Korea, Denmark, Austria, Ireland, Singapore, and Greece.

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