Snapchat might add an app store with in-app games this autumn | Apps & Software

Snapchat is about to launch an app store for games.

According to The Information, Snapchat is planning to launch a gaming platform next autumn that will live within its mobile app. It’s even landed deals with at least one gaming publisher to make a title for its new platform. Eventually, it is looking to build out its own “internal app store”, allowing outside developers to create games that Snap distributes for users to play within the Snapchat app.

Since The Information has a paywall, here’s a portion of the report:

“The company is preparing to launch a platform this fall that will let outside developers create games to be played through the Snapchat app, according to two people familiar with the matter. It is relying on outside developers to build the games that could be downloaded in an internal app-store of titles. The gaming platform has been in the works for at least a year as the company has worked on the platform’s technology, according to a person familiar with the effort.”

So, the goal is for users to download titles from an app store within Snapchat. Snap has been working on the platform for at least a year, and it reportedly recently bought PlayCanvas, which makes software for creating mobile games. But here’s the thing: Apple has App Store guidelines that stop companies from selling apps, games, and other content in their apps if they aren’t labelled as in-app purchases.

It’s possible that every game within Snapchat will be free, but who knows. Keep in mind this Snapchat-based gaming platform is reportedly “more experimental,” rather than a way for Snap to earn additional revenue streams. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

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