Spotify Pulls Audiobooks on Apple iOS for iPhones

has pulled audiobook purchases on its iOS app for iPhone users a month after the streaming service released them.

So if you are looking to download an audiobook straight from the Spotify iOS app, you might have to look elsewhere.

Spotify Pulls Audiobooks on Apple iOS for iPhones

As per the recent report by The Verge, a new update for the iOS app of the giant streaming service no longer allows its users to buy straight from it.

The news outlet notes that when Spotify users proceed to purchase an audiobook from the app. They are left with a new message. It reads: “What to listen? You can't buy audiobooks in the app.” It further notes that “we know, it's not ideal.”

The Verge notes that apart from this message, the music streaming service does not give its users alternative ways to get their hands on the audiobook that they are trying to buy.

How to Purchase Audiobooks on Spotify?

According to the latest report by BGR, the streaming platform previously provided its users an option that lets them download an audiobook with a click of a single button from the iOS app. It initially sends users an email that contains a link wherein they can download the audiobook.

However, it appears that Apple is not happy about it. The Cupertino-based tech giant reportedly claims that the said option actually violates the rules and policies of the App Store.

So given that, the streaming service removed the option to buy an audiobook in its app. Instead, Spotify users have to visit the website of the streaming service to download the audiobook.

But this time, the giant streaming app has completely removed its option for audiobook purchases. It no longer sends an email or redirects to a webpage. The latest update only tells users that “you can't buy audiobooks in the app.”

Spotify vs. Apple

The Verge highlights in its report that the latest move of Spotify comes after it criticized the Apple App Store rules.

The music streamer says that the iPhone maker is trying to “choke competition” by using the rules it implements for audiobook purchases.

It turns out that the renowned tech giant requires apps to sell all its digital products, which includes audiobooks, through its built-in checkout process. By doing so, third-party apps would have to pay a hefty 30% fee that goes to the iPhone maker.

To put it in perspective, the Cupertino giant also offers tons of audiobooks in its built-in Books app for its devices.

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