Spotify New Design Looks a Whole Lot Like TikTok

is what's hot right now as far as social media goes. Once you fall victim to its algorithm and endless doom-scrolling, it's a hard way out. Because of that, other apps have sought to imitate its addictive formula, which now includes .

Spotify thinks that the best way to get you to discover new music is to look like TikTok, apparently. The company has announced a new major update, and with it, it will begin experimenting with the Home screen. You'll still see album covers and playlist covers at the top of your screen, but if you keep scrolling down, instead of seeing the music recommendations you usually get, you might instead get a more dynamic feed with “previews” of playlists, albums, podcasts, and audiobooks.

These previews will show you bits of autoplaying content — whether it's a song, a podcast, or an audiobook. If you'd like to jump in and listen more, you can easily do so. This new feed is meant to complement the existing Spotify listening experience, but whether this new, TikTok-looking feed will be better or worse than the current home screen recommendations is something we'll need to see.

It's certainly not the only addition to this update. There's also a new Smart Shuffle mode that will complement the existing Shuffle button by throwing in recommendations occasionally while you're listening to a playlist. Every three songs or so, you'll get a new song that Spotify thinks matches the vibe of your playlist perfectly.

This new feed has begun showing to users now, and it will likely land for everyone within the next few weeks.

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