Spotify adding podcast creation tool to its mobile app

has been investing more and more in podcasts, and now the company wants to make it even easier for anyone to share their own podcast on the platform. Starting in New Zealand, Spotify is adding a new podcast tool to its mobile app.

Currently, those who want to create and submit a podcast to platforms like Spotify have to use third-party tools. Spotify even has a dedicated app for this – which is called Anchor. However, with an upcoming update, Spotify users will no longer need a separate podcast tool to record and publish their podcasts.

As shared by Anchor cofounder Michael Mignano on Twitter (via TechCrunch), Spotify has been testing a new tool for podcast creators that is available directly in Spotify's main app. With this new tool, creators can publish their podcasts “with no extra tools or hardware required.”

While the new Spotify podcast tool is not available to everyone, the company has shared a video that gives us a sneak peek at how it works. There will be a “+” button in the main Spotify app that you use to listen to songs and podcasts. By tapping there, users will see the new “Record Podcast” option. Podcasts can be recorded in a single take or split into multiple takes.

After the podcast has been recorded, the app will show the creator multiple options for trimming the audio and even adding background music. Then, just give the podcast a name, add cover art, and it's ready to be shared on Spotify with the whole world.

Unfortunately, there are no details about when the new Spotify podcast tool will be released in more countries. You can watch the new feature in action below:

Spotify building its own audiobook platform

Last month, Spotify also announced its plans to build a new audiobook platform. The announcement came a year after Spotify acquired the audiobook platform “Findaway,” which lets authors create, distribute, and monetize their work.

A report from earlier this year suggests that Apple has also been working on a new audiobook service, but details remain unclear at this point.

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