The best AR apps to augment your selfies

Sweet Snap is an excellent tool to modify your before you share them on social media. The incredible variety of stickers you can apply to your photos are divided into categories. They will allow you to make your more fun and original. Of course, there are other ways to enhance your face, including filters and the famous beauty to adjust your skin tone.


Holo is an AR that lets you ‘project’ holograms of people or animals, anywhere in the world that’s framed by the camera of your smartphone. No matter if it’s a landscape or a simple selfie, you can choose from hundreds of stickers and holograms including celebrities, movies, sports, music and many other categories.


This is used by more than 200 people! When it was first created, Snow was a selfie editor that allowed you to modify some aspects of your photos – using beauty effects, for example. However, AR has made its way here too and Snow now allows you to apply make-up to your face in addition to various virtual accessories.

snow app ar
Snow is an app that is often used instead of Snapchat. / © Snow
  • You can download Snow directly from the Google Play Store at this link.

Star Wars

The official app of the famous franchise is ready to catapult you into a galaxy far far away, thanks to the potential of the augmented reality! In addition to being able to virtually dress as a Jedi Knight, you will be able to wield a lightsaber or place a Stormtrooper in your room.

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