The bracelet that protects women from sexual harassment in clubs

A simple tap on your wrist could save you from an uncomfortable situation in a nightclub. A student at the University of Edinburgh has just devised a wearable to protect women in situations of sexual harassment while they go out at night. Lux is its name and its mission is clear: no more fear.

Beatriz Carvalho, a 21-year-old girl, is willing to help all women who, like her, feel intimidated when they go out partying. To do this, she has created a prototype of a that connects to a smartphone . Lux is designed to be activated with a single tap to alert your friends – who are also connected in the – and to alert the employees of the premises and all those present around with two taps.

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The intimidation by strangers to which many women are subjected in bars or clubs at night, and which the inventor of Lux has suffered herself, does not stop increasing. If that weren’t bad enough, people still continue to turn away and do nothing to help. In the darkness of a club, potential aggressors feel more protected. With Lux, no one will ever be able to say that they “didn’t see anything happen” again, hence its luminous warning mechanism that potential victims can use in situations of distress.The light could even be a deterrent to the potential harasser.

“No one should be scared of going out and Lux could be the difference for many it could act like a safety net,” Carvalho told Edinburgh Live.

The bracelet – which is aimed at all genders, although more focused on women – is black, which makes it go unnoticed as an accessory. Although still a prototype, its creator is confident that it can become a reality in the future.

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This is not the first time that technology has been put at the service of protecting possible victims of this type of behavior. Let’s hope more like this is invented and made available to the public!

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