Tinder introduced video verification to prevent dating scammers

is taking a major step forward in its efforts to combat dating by introducing a video selfie feature for its photo verification system. This new feature will be required for members to earn Tinder's official blue checkmark, which is a sign that their profile has been verified.

To perform the verification, members simply need to record a video of themselves using their smartphone's front camera within the app. This process is designed to be difficult to cheat, making it much more reliable than traditional photo verification methods. Hinge, another dating site, implemented a similar video verification system last year to combat scam accounts and catfishing.

In addition to providing better protection against scammers, performing the video selfie procedure will also earn members status in Tinder's new “Photo Verified Cuties” club. This allows members to choose to only see other photo verified member recommendations via their Message Settings. Members can also ask a match to verify themselves before they are allowed to send a message. If a member already has the verification check mark, Tinder will soon ask them to re-verify with a video selfie “in the coming months.”

The introduction of this new feature could help many users avoid scams if they use it correctly. Photo verification is free, unlike the Tinder Gold subscription service. However, it is important to note that the dating site is not forcing members to use photo verification, so it is still important to stay on guard.

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