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Vodafone has launched a trio of devices for families that are designed to introduce smart living for several generations in a household.

Parents will get peace of mind with a new V-Home Hub, which will be available from August.

It utilises Samsung Smart Things technologies to offer a series of smart, connected products to improve the safety of your home. You get the V-Home Hub that is connected to your home network and controls other smart home devices in the range.

Along with the hub, you get to choose one of three starter packs: the V-Home Safety Starter Kit includes a smart camera, multipurpose sensor and a siren in order to track what’s going on in your home when you are away; the V-Home Automation Kit includes smart plugs, smart lightbulbs and a motion sensor, which can be set to switch lights on and off when you are away to make it look like you are still at home, and even switch lights on when the sensor detects motion; and finally, the V-Home Detection Kit includes a water leak sensor and smoke sensor, so you can detect if there is a water leak, smoke or change in temperature, helping you act quickly.

V-Home starts at £99, with an additional £14 per month service fee to enable control through the cloud.

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Grandparents and the elderly can gain peace of mind – as can their families – with the V-SOS Band.

It is a connected wearable with a fall detection feature, so will alert you and up to four other other family members if a loved one needs help. It also includes an SOS button that can be pressed in an emergency, with GPS coordinates immediately shared too for location.

The wearer will also instantly see when the alert has been viewed, so will know that help is on the way.

Its battery lasts a month between charges and the device costs £78 for either a grey or blue version. There is also a £4 per month service fee to keep it connected at all times.

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Last but not least, Vodafone has also announced the V-Kids Watch.

Made by Alcatel, the smartwatch enables parents to check their young child’s location via GPS tracking, while exchanging voice messages through an app: TCLMOVE.

The watch also contains an SOS button, which will alert parents in an emergency. Parents can also set safe zones and will receive alerts when their child enters and exits those areas.

It comes in blue or pink, is water resistant and costs £135, with an additional £4 fee per month service charge.

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