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Our poll waded into dangerous waters this week, asking you if you preferred or .

Now, we asked in full recognition that Android has been left behind by Fortnite. We all know Fortnite is coming to Android very soon, and the release date is right around the corner if you believe the Samsung Note 9 / Fortnite exclusivity rumors. (Ps all the Note 9 specs and detail rumors are here, and if there's a way around it, we'll be helping you sideload APKs!)

What it means is that this will poll run again somewhere between six and 12 months later, and will then likely deliver some quite results as our beloved Android fans get to experience Fortnite on their capable devices.

But given that just about every other platform has been touched by Battle Royale in the form of PUBG (on Android, iOS, Xbox One, PC) or Fortnite (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Mac, iOS, Nintendo Switch) in some way, there's a pretty good chance you've played both at some point – at home, with a friend, or maybe you've just watched a bunch of top gamers on Twitch.

That gives you at least some idea if you prefer the military-style PUBG approach, or the fun, furious, frequently updated, fiction-world of Fortnite and the ongoing “big world story” unfolding in front of our eyes.

So this week we asked, and around 45,000 of you told us. We asked two questions, and here's how the results went, first on IG and Facebook:

That's a pretty strong win for PUBG. A 70/30 split, more or less. That's probably because PUBG is rocking Android while Fortnite isn't.

So what about when we also ask if you like both, or neither, on the website, YouTube, and Twitter?

PUBG still comes out as the clear winner here, with the narrowest margin on Twitter, and Fortnite holding only around 20% of the vote. But from the 70/30 split, we've then diluted the results. Some of you said you don't like either, which is fair enough, while the people who liked both or hadn't made up their mind polled the  small number.

Overall, there are two schools of thought. The first is that even though Fortnite isn't on Android, that's a pretty good result. The other school of thought is that the Fortnite result is pretty low for one of the world's most popular games right now.

Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile


Who knows, it's certain this will change as soon as Fornite does finally hit Android. But maybe, just maybe, the late release will hurt the impact of the game. And may have even hurt Android smartphone as desperate Fortnite fans bought an iOS device. Who knows – that's all a bit of guesswork. But what we do know is what you said in the comments!

The comments:

Here's a look at some of the interesting or fun comments we received:

…Nope. Nothing.

It's our fault

Look, we were asking for this. We put up a classic poll full of rivalry and passion, and the comments section was full of… rivalry and passion. It was mostly one-way on Fortnite, but if Epic does a good job, it won't be like this in a month or two when it finally hits the Play Store.

Wait! We found one comment worth sharing! Here it is:

  • I voted PUBG: It is more realistic, people actually co-operate online, it has voice chat that people actually use, it has 1st person modes, you can peek around corners, it has vehicles, a wide variety of weapons and it is much more satisfying to get a chicken dinner. That being said, Fortnite can be fun but that's the exception of matches, not the norm.

Stay friendly in the comments people. Love your fellow man. (Even if they're a camper.)

I'm really looking forward to seeing this poll come out again once Fortnite has hit. And maybe, just maybe, a new Battle Royale game will emerge and take the world by storm? Or we all move on from B/R to something else completely?

Until then, friends. Until then.

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