Wear OS app update will let you launch Google Pay on your watch faster | Apps & Software

  • There's a new Wear OS update on the Play Store.
  • The update brings a quicker of Google Pay when using it on your watch.
  • There's also a few design tweaks and a bug fix.

It's pretty cool when you get to use your smartwatch to pay for things; its kind of futuristic. However, if it takes 5 – 10 seconds to open up Google Pay on your watch, things stop being futuristic and start to be kind of embarrassing.

After all, if it takes that long just for the app to launch, you might as well have just used your credit card (or your phone!).

But Google is pushing an update to the Wear OS app today (along with an update for another version of Android) that will make opening Google Pay on your smartwatch a much faster experience.

How fast? Well, we don't know yet as the update just started its rollout today. But according to the changelog on the matter, the update will allow you to “pay faster with quick-starting Google Pay.” So it seems there will at least be some speed increase.

The Wear OS app update will also enhance the “more glanceable” design tweaks that Google introduced in a previous update, as well as a fix for a time zone bug.

Since this is an update to the Wear OS app and not a system update, you should be able to get the update right now instead of having to wait for an OTA. Just click the button below to be whisked away to the Wear OS app listing on the Google Play Store. If for some reason you still can't update there, you can always sideload it via APK Mirror.

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