WhatsApp submitted new update through Google Play Beta program

has submitted a new update for the app through the Beta Program. The new version is As is the case with any new update that gets approved, this one too would contain a number of fixes. However, the most important feature that this update will bear is called Group Call Shortcuts.

The newly added feature will help its users quickly place group calls from the group card. info states that these video and voice call shortcuts will be available when the user views the group card after updating their respective WhatsApp app to the latest version. Although it is not yet clear as to how the new feature is a ‘new' inclusion, or how it will get implemented to create the shortcut since the same function could be performed by tapping the ‘call' button placed beside the name of the group.

We will only get to experience how the new feature changes the placing video call option after the new version gets rolled out to everyone. The beta info also mentions that if the button available for the video chat is not tappable, it may mean that nobody, except the admins of the group, will be able to interact using the button.

The developers at WhatsApp made it clear that WhatsApp beta for Android has been marked as compatible for an update; however, some users might not get it right away, and that they need to wait for the beta to be available for them for that. In other words, this feature should be available to everyone, but if a user is unable to access it, they might need to wait for the next update.

The update, after completing its beta program, will gradually be rolled out to every user, and for that to happen, it might take some time.

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