When will the iOS 12 public beta be released? | Tech News

iOS 12, the next major iteration of Apple’s mobile OS, will be with us in September alongside new iPhones. But when will we be able to get hold of a public beta of the mobile software?

There will likely be three iOS 12 release dates: one for developers, one for public beta testers (which is the one we’re interested in right now), and one final version for general iOS users (so September).

The first developer beta is available right now to developers who have a paid membership with Apple. The iOS 12 public beta typically launches in late June, which means we’ll get it in the coming days. 

This beta is free to download and use. And the final version, which is also free, should be out in September alongside the new iPhones.

iOS 12 will run on an extensive list of iPhones and iPads. But, essentially, it will support any iOS device released since 2013. Check out: Can I get iOS 12 on my iPhone or iPad?

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