You can watch Wimbledon or the World Cup in 4K HDR on this £59 Roku stick | Apps & Software

If you want to capitalise on the summer of sport and enjoy BBC iPlayer’s 4K HDR coverage of the FIFA World Cup and Wimbledon, then the cheapest way of doing so is via the Roku Streaming Stick+.

This dongle is supporting the UHD trials that the BBC is running so it can be used to watch both these streams and get even higher quality content into your 4K compatible TV.

The best news of all is that the Roku Streaming Stick+ is only £59 on Amazon at the moment – a £20 saving over the recommended price and making it much cheaper than the other boxes that are supporting BBC iPlayer’s 4K streaming.

Of course you’ll have to have a TV that supports 4K to see the higher resolution and you’ll need an HDR-compatible display if you want that higher-dynamic range.

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Many recent 4K HDR televisions with the BBC iPlayer app are already supporting the trial, but for those who have a 4K TV that’s not smart (early adopters or models that have dropped iPlayer support), then this is the best way to bring those functions to your screen.

Not only that, but the Roku Streaming Stick+ offers pretty much all the streaming services you could want – including all the UK catch-up channels, Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Video, Rakuten and Play Movies, so it’s an all-round good egg. 

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