7 things to know about AI in the data center

Most IT leaders like to believe they have a complete grasp on management, operation and planning. Actually, they don't.

There's no way any IT leader or team of IT experts can exert second-by-second (or even more granular) control over essential data center tasks. Humans even highly educated and trained ones  also tend to allow personal preferences, prejudices and misconceptions to cloud their views on future planning and other critical responsibilities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has none of these shortcomings. That's why, even as data center operators fret over hybrid environments, the internet of things and other challenges, they also need to consider the impact AI is beginning to exert on an array of key data center operations and services.

Here's a look at seven things every IT leader needs to know about how AI is transforming the data center into a more powerful and efficient facility.

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