Adobe’s Experience Cloud now incorporates AI and machine learning

Adobe has revamped its Adobe to incorporate its AI and machine learning platform.

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Software giant Adobe announced the release of its new customer service tool called Adobe Experience Platform.

The platform gives enterprises greater data governance capabilities, general access to Adobe's Customer Data Platform service, and avenues for more personalized and impactful customer interactions, the company said.

Adobe has revamped Adobe Experience Cloud to incorporate its AI and machine learning platform, named Adobe Sensei. The service will help businesses with digital marketing, advertising, analytics, commerce and more.

In a release, the company called Adobe Experience”the industry's first open and extensible platform that stitches data across the enterprise,” and said it gave organizations the ability to map out the potential customer experience through “customer journey orchestrations.”

“Customer experience is the new battleground for businesses of any size. Brands must close the gap between the customer, the channels they engage on, and the brand experience they expect,” said Adobe Experience Cloud Vice President Suresh Vittal.

As dozens of data privacy laws make their way through state legislatures and a federal bill hangs in the balance, enterprises are entering a new phase in data management and Adobe is hoping to capitalize.

With Adobe Experience Platform, organizations can bring together fragmented data and handle complicated governance issues all through the Customer Data Platform, which is now available generally.

According to a press statement from Adobe, the service seeks to “bridge marketing and IT silos” and give companies a more holistic understanding of their customers by analyzing disparate data like CRM, online analytics and offline point-of-sale systems.

Built inside the Adobe Experience Platform is both Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Sensei, which businesses can now use to organize, layer and siphon through customer data for greater insights or deep predictive models.

Data governance is fraught with a web of legal compliance issues beyond the scope of what many enterprises can handle. Adobe is hoping the new platform can help companies gain a better understanding of what customer data they have and create frameworks that comply with whatever regulations they fall under.

In a separate blog post, Adobe Experience Platform Group Product Manager Arun Manoharan explained that businesses are now collecting vast sums of company and customer data but need a platform that gives data managers tools to properly label things like contractual or personally identifiable information.

“With Adobe Experience Platform, data stewards can classify, build policies to block data, obfuscate certain data, or even use the classification to delete it for data subject requests,” Manoharan wrote. “Data represents consumers and consumers expect brands to use their data as the brand has promised and in line with regulations governing the handling and use of data. If a brand fails to properly manage its data, it risks putting the brand reputation at stake and losing the trust of its customers, in addition to the potential legal issues.”

Users of the service can also leverage Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Campaign to make real-time changes to ad campaigns or other efforts based on customer response, he said.

“Adobe Experience Platform is built to give brands a single, actionable view of each customer in real time without the pain of connecting stale data across siloed systems and different digital and physical customer touch points,” Vittal said.

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