Artificial Intelligence: Top 20 Powerful AI Applications

(AI) alter the ways we're living. The applications developed using AI are incredible. They can act as assistants, reminders, physicians, teachers, and what else, AI apps can do anything.

Gartner's technology report predicts that in the next five years, every app, software, and service will surely use AI. Multiple companies such as Google, IBM, Amazon, etc. are using Artificial Intelligence in their products. The iPhone X of Apple has a Facial Recognition System, Alexa of Amazon, Bixby of Samsung, and Google Assistant of Google are few of AI instances, etc.

The future of AI provides infinite opportunities. The things which were just a dream for us, now they are a part of our daily lives. Herein, I've listed a few advanced AI applications. Let's start. Excited to read more refer the link here –

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